How to estimate your shipping cost

How shipping cost calculate?

Shipping cost is simply calculate by cargo weight(in kg)*price(per kg)

But because statue is very easy broken during transportation. Studio will always making a bigger box to avoid damage, whcih make statues cargo become "oversized" cargo.

An "oversized" cargo means the size of the box is too big and take too much space in the container, if still calculate by cargo's acutal weight, shipping conpamy cannot profit from it. So, instead of calculating "oversized" cargo actual weight, logistic provider will calculate the box size and using it for "weight".

For example, an 7 kg box size is 39cm✘48cm✘58cm. Its oversized weight is 39*48*58/5000=21.72kg (5000 is the constant number using for calculation of oversized cargo shipping cost). And because the 21.72kg is much bigger than it's actual weight 7kg, logistic provider will then using 21.72kg as its weight. Then, if the price per kg is USD$ 7 per kg. This cargo's final shipping cost will be 21.72kg*$7=USD $152.04


What else affect the final shipping cost?

Tax: For statues cargo which using sea or air special line transportation is tax included, you don't have to pay for the tax and the cargo is directly to your front door (These statues are marked as "Shipping cost by air/sea/railroad" when you recieved the shipping invoice). But for express shipping (such as UPS, DHL, FeDex, etc...), they will not pay the tax for you, you have to pay extra tax for customs clearance, and the tax is different for each country (for specific price, you could ask local Express company or search online, it's usually small precentage of cargo's value). We are covering most country and using special line transportation to reduce shipping cost, but for some countries we could only ship in exprss. For express shipping only countries customers, please concern small size statues, big size statue shipping will cost extreamly high.

List of express countries:

Mexico, Columbia,Island country, Peru (keep updating)