Reviews of Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki GK Statue


Today let's reivew Bleach King Arrancar Series Vasto Lorde Ichigo Form Ichigo Kurosaki GK statue from SeReTei Studio.

The coating of rock area seems a little bit smooth, which makes the rock not so realistic.

The cracks on the stone pillar make vivid pictures after explosion.

The glossiness and transparency of resin transparent part still has room for improvement. 

The transition effect from transparent to solid makes Menos Grande parts not so thrilling as what it should be.

The face is not 100% accurate with the original version, but the bone texturing of both hands and feet are great, it would be perfect if they improved their paint coating process.

The Muscle effect is quite real to the origin, the cloth is made with smooth. Unfortunately, the Tensa Zangetsu is not made from metal, it gives me a feeling of plastic.

It can’t be magnetically mounted during installation, which makes the hands and horn not sturdy.

Overall, the elements used in the GK statue are wonderful, don't hesitate to get this one as your new collection, looking forward their next statue if they can improve their craft details to perfect. 

If you're interested, buy it now!

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